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Artist, designer, interior designer or artistic director? The creator Stéphanie Langard blurs the borders and infuses her pieces with poetry and meaning, reinventing the design of the 21stcentury.


"Thinking": a verb that the visual artist knows well to formulate, with her elegant and regular writing, in her notebooks, from philosophical reflections, of interior research circumscribing her apprehension of art and design, for some years. "My works," she writes, "speak of time, the balance between life and death, between oppositions and complementarities. I want to convey this need of the other and of its difference to exist. The latter helps us to position and build ourselves. The asperities create relief and sculpt the personality." The concept of otherness, mentioned in her notebooks, is reflected in her collaborations creating a link between various trades "likely to not meet each others", but also in the movement ginned over her pieces, through notions of displacement, balance, metamorphosis, growth and decrease of matter. But also in her tendency to confuse the issues between her talents as a designer, visual artist, interior designer and artistic director. In 2017, alongside her plastic research, the artist agrees to lead the creation of a high-end aesthetic center in Dubai. From the outset, the owner of the premises took the opportunity to design a space where the design furnitures and the artworks would exceed the only function of decorum which is to them, in this context, generally devolved. A functional design, certainly, but, endowed with a real soul and realized with the help of local craftsmen, like most beautiful materials.

At the time of the happy transdisciplinarity, where art reconnects with hands, the know-how and renews the design creation, the time of the sacrosanct hierarchization of genres is over. Artists are, at the same time, architects designing habitable spaces, designers of objects, and visual artists passionated about High Tech. They look at the side of the living arts, while avoiding their instrumentalisation and gadgetisation, often excessive, by brands. The plural, full of senses, childhood and poetry corpus of Stéphanie Langard is a good illustration.

Virginie Chuimer-Layen
Historienne et critique d’art


Awards & Distinctions

Paris Shop & Design Prize - CCI Paris - 2014

Janus du Commerce Prize - French Institute of Design - 2013

Laureate of Masters de la Création - Entrepreneurs’s Fair - 1998

Laureate of The Fondation 3 Suisses - Design - 1997

Vocation Artistique Prize - International Center for Arts & Letters - 1992



Artist Residence - Monumental Wood Sculpture - Château Montus - Sept. 2018

Duo show with Hopare - Avenue Montaigne - PARIS - November 2016

Artist supported by Marithé and François Girbaud - Galerie JOSEPH - Jan. 2016

Designer’s Days - L’Expérience - Galerie Joseph - Paris - June 2015

Pavillon des Savoir-Faire - Moscou - October 2014

Starter Gallery - Paris - November 2014

Designer’s Days - Le Mouvement - Paris - Museum of Decorative Arts - May 2014

Starter Gallery - Paris - November 2013

Designer’s Days - Et Demain - Galerie Slott - June 2013

Musée du Feutre - Les Designers au tapis - May 2001



Domus Academy - Product Design - Milan - Italy, 2001

School of Art & Design - Design - Reims - France 1998

Art Center College of Design - Product Design - Los Angeles 1996