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La Toupie

Museum of Decorative Arts of Paris - Exposition Hall des Maréchaux - 2014

It all starts with the triggering of the imagination with an idea, which over time and reflections will mature and become more accurate.

Subsequently, this idea leads tothe design of the object, its dimensions, its characteristics, and its mechanisms. The craftsman then enters the scene, and gives rise to her object, as well as her ability to deform or exist through the movement itself, under her impulses, her machines, and the trajectories of her hands.

This piece « Numéro Un» thought by Stéphanie Langardimpresses by its size: more than 140 cm high, and 70 cm in diameter, this giant top, symbol par excellence of childish play, invests the Museum of Decorative Arts of Paris, for the delight of young and old.

Copper, olive wood and silk sublimate the body of this majestic spinning top: in rotation, silk threads come lightly fill the glass volume ofthe top.