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Luminous scenography for a solo baroque opera - 2016

At the request of Yannick Hugron (directed, choreographed) and Marc Mauillon (voice), St├ęphanie Langard creates the luminous scenography for a solo baroque opera by Marc Mauillon in 2016.

This show is inspired by Bruce Chatwin's Songlines (in French "The Song of the Tracks"), which recounts the author's vibrant experience insearch of the sung itineraries of Australian aborigines; these sungitineraries, true maps allowing one to find one's way in the desert, are the heritage of the ancestors of the "dream time" because in Aboriginal mythology all that exists must have been sung to be created.

Adapted to the rhythm of the march, the song is guide and allied in this hostile environment. The object is then found in the movement, over the recital.